Beginners Feng Shui

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Beginners feng shui is just what it says. This is where it all begins. It can be a daunting task figuring out where to begin and what path to pursue in feng shui. With an abundance of information and the greater portion of that being misinformation it can literally make your head spin. I know, before becoming certified, I was a functioning chaotic contradiction to feng shui. If you would have visited my house you would have thought I should have been committed, really. With that still in my mind it has been my heart-felt compelling motivation to set the record straight as much as I could and genuinely help people. Feng shui has drastically changed my life for the better and you are on your way to creating a better life for your self too. By following the advice in beginners feng shui you will be prepared to begin making life changes that will bring you happiness, joy and prosperity.

What Is Feng Shui

What is feng shui? Is it for you? Feng shui is the ancient Chinese tradition of geomancy. Literally translated it means wind and water. It is based on precise calculations involving time and space.

The Chi Of Feng Shui

The chi of feng shui is quite simply the raw material of feng shui, or of the universe for that matter- energy. It is from this that everything comes into being.

There is more to chi than just being an unseen energy. It can be measured and categorized according to its characteristics. It is from this that it becomes an amazingly accurate predictor of possibilities.

The Five Elements

The five elements of feng shiu are simply the five elements found in nature. These are metal, fire, water, earth, and wood. These are also the only things that should be used to cure or enhance a space.

The Three Cycles Of Feng Shui

The three cycles of feng shui are also found in nature. These cycles are the productive cycle, where one element is supported by another. An example of this would be earth produces metal.

The reductive cycle is when one element reduces another. Water slowly eroding metal is an example of this cycle.

The destructive cycle is easily understood with the example of metal chopping wood.

Yin Yang Theory

Yin yang theory is a foundation of feng shui. It is the contradicting opposite in everything. It represents the polarity and oneness combined. Understanding the theory of yin yang is essential in feng shui.

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