The Ba Gua VS. The Lo Shu

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The Ba Gua

The Ba Gua or Pa Kua, as it is sometimes called is a simplified Lo Shu. In fact, it is more of a one size fits all method of feng shui. In the case of the ba gua, one simply uses the same template for each house. For this to be accurate it would mean that every ones house is the exact same, with the same present energies. That is just absurd to me, after all, aren't we all as individual as our houses? And really the magic happens when we combine our energy with that of our environment or space. It is then that the possibilities become endless.

With an accurate energetic reading you can then begin to use your environment in an empowering way to live the life of your dreams. If everyone's house were the same then we would all only be working with the exact same energies.

A ba gua is similar to a horoscope you might find in the newspaper or on the internet. You look up your sign and there it is. It is the same for you and EVERYONE else born under that sign, not very accurate information is it? Well, that is the difference between using a ba gua template and a Lo Shu grid, you get the personalized individual information you are searching for. Your house, just like you has a specific energy to when and where it was "born."

The Lo Shu

The less simplified version of the ba gua is called a Lo Shu square or eight trigrams grid. These are used by true feng shui masters and yield the personal individual results that are key when getting a feng shui evaluation. Essentially it is a none square grid that much resembles a tic-tac-toe grid. The center palace as it is called is the heart of it all. This is what is often referred to as the DNA of a home. Once you identify this through further calculations you can really know the personality of your home.

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