Feng Shui For Love And Romance

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Feng shui for love and romance is something most people want some advice on. There doesn't seem to be a lot of accurate information out there in regard to authentic classical feng shui. Mostly it seems the only information is related to the Westernized theory. I find this sad and bothersome. The whole point to feng shui is to help people and giving them misinformation doesn't do any good. So this is for every one out there who has "activated" their "marriage" area with zero results. This will work if you do it.

The Sex Star - Get Your Groove on!!!

Well, maybe a bit of romance before we get to the action, but seriously it all starts with the revved up sexual energy of the number 4 flying star.

There are several different characteristics of the number 4 star, as there are to all of the flying stars. That is because the stars go through good stages and bad stages, life and death. In fact the number 4 star won't begin to be in its good phase again until period 2. That doesn't matter though you can still use it to give your dating options a boost!!! To begin there are several things that will be needed. If you are a true enthusiast you probably already have these handy, if not - no biggie.

1. ruler2. compass3. graph paper4. tape measure5. pencil

It is important that you have a good scale drawing of your home/ office/ space you are using. This must be accurate since we are looking for results. Make sure you label everything well and be sure to include details to the areas most often used.

Once we have a detailed drawing, it must be divided into nine equal areas resembling squares or rectangles. This is going to resemble a tic-tac-toe like looking grid.

Now that we have that we are going to take a compass and determine the facing degrees of the front of the building. It is important to get an accurate compass reading with a magnetic compass. Be sure not to wear or stand near any metal. Now that you have the drawing, and the reading, each square/rectangle is going to get a corresponding direction. For instance if your front door faces West 270 degrees, the square containing the front door would naturally be the West square. Going clock-wise the next square would be Northwest, North, Northeast and so on. Until you get back to West. This should take care of every square except the center.

Now For The Magic Square!!!

Once all of the squares have been properly labeled all there is to do is see where the 4 star will be landing yearly and then apply this to the enhancement or cure.

Annual Directions For 4 Star

South - 2009

North - 2010

Southwest - 2011

East - 2012

Southeast - 2013

Center - 2014

Northwest - 2015

West - 2016

Northeast - 2017

After finding the location of the four star for the year simply add a water feature. The most common is an indoor water fountain. Keep this running as much as possible. I suggest constantly and make sure to keep the water clean and clear. Also look for a fountain that holds a good bit of water- you can even make one your self out of a vessel and a water pump. The more water the better. And be sure not to add river rocks or rocks of any sort to this feature. What? It falls in your bedroom? And another feng shui so called master told you not to EVER have water in your bedroom, you are stumped right? Well, this admonition could not be further from accurate. Where ever the chi needs balance it must be brought into balance, ESPECIALLY if it is a room we occupy often.

It is absolutely false that you should not have a water fountain in your bedroom. If it bothers you turn it off at night, and start it up again in the morning, or better yet get a timer from the hardware for it.


1. Draw a to scale floor plan.

2. Use an accurate compass reading.

3.Divide your floor plan into equal parts horizontally and vertically into thirds to resemble a nine square grid.

4. Find the yearly location of the annual 4 star.

5. Install fountain in the current location of the 4 star.

6. Enjoy the benefits.

Information on compass reading

There is no one size fits all feng shui.