Chi And Feng Shui

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Often in feng shui there are no translations into words we commonly use. One example of this is chi. What is chi? Chi or qi, (pronounced chee) is just energy. Chi is the foundation of feng shui. Chi is measured by calculating time, direction and space. There are all types of energies swirling in our environment at any one time. Of course we cannot see these, but we can see the effects, think of a gust of wind swirling a pile of leaves into a whirlwind on an autumn day.

In feng shui which measures energy or chi, we don't necessarily see the chi, but we can notice the effects of it, and often feel it. Our environment is a great contributor to our mood and outlook and we often do not even realize it.

In its easiest form feng shui is as simple as walking into a dark room and turning on a light. The object of calculating chi is to balance it according to the energies already present to provide a harmonious supportive environment.

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