Feng Shui In The Home

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Just what does feng shui look like in your home? Have you ever been somewhere with an abundance of weird objects only to hear that there had been a consultation, or the person practiced feng shui.

I hear stories like this all the time. Maybe you even have things that you are not sure of but were willing to take a gamble on to see if they produced any results. Don't worry, you are not alone. In my early days I had earth in the center of my house, my so called fame wall was red-REALLY! In fact it was so weird in my house and I was so tired or feeling like if I could just fix one more thing then my life would improve.

I had mallards for love, crystals for something, and wind chimes in every corner of the INSIDE of my house. You name it, I had it enhanced. My home looked like it had no personality of its own. It was just one huge mish-mash of supposed to work cures I convinced myself I liked and needed.

Ancient Chinese Secret!!!

The only ancient Chinese secret I knew for sure was that I needed Calgon to take me away--- (this was an old tag line from a commercial I loved when I was a kid!) I waited, and waited, waited, waited, waited and waited longer. For what? Wealth, money, name, fame, everything.

I got NOTHING!!! I decided one day I was going to get to the bottom of feng shui, I just knew it had to work and there had to be somewhere to find out what the real deal was for certain. After all, did everyone who practiced feng shui have a mish-mash looking house. I started looking around and thinking my house resembled that of a crazy lady- one who lost touch with reality-- !!!!

Funny, because that was the most conclusive evidence of any energy shift!!!! I started studying and studying. I spent years learning and reading. I got to the truth of it all, and I am definitely going to share with you. Here it is, the real deal. The new secret is that the only cures used in feng shui are the five elements. That was it--- the five natural elements. No smoke and mirrors.

In fact, if some one has had a feng shui reading there should be no tell-tale signs. This is because the true and accurate cures are not crystal balls and fu-dogs. There are no red ribbon cures with coins tied to them either. It is the aim of the best feng shui consultants to utilize cures that blend into the current interior. It should really not be noticeable, after-all its not voodoo!!!